As we are sure you are aware, the coronovirus problem within our country (and the world) has intensified. Cases are increasing in frequency and severity. This has led to our country having rules and recommendations passed onto us from our government to try tackle the problem and reduce the effects to our population.

This has led to the very important advice of

  • Self Isolation for anyone suffering from symptoms of the virus and the members of their household for 14 days
  • Minimise social contact with anyone in ‘at risk’ groups (Over 70’s and medically compromised individuals)
  • Closure of schools and nurseries
  • Social distancing of 2 meters to try and minimise transmission of the virus.
  • Closure of many social locations including pubs, restaurants, gyms, theatres and nightclubs

Advice regarding dental appointments

After a period of sustained pressure from he profession, that British Dental Association have released further guidance as to what treatments and procedures dental practices should provide in this current situation. These limitations on our scope of practice are intended to limit the disk if the virus within our population and ensure the safety of our patients and staff

It means that as of tommorow morning (Monday 22nd march 2020), we shall be:

  • Only seeing patients with dental emergencies requiring immediate treatment
  • Minimal use of dental equipment that may cause ‘aerosol’ and potentially cause virus transmission
  • The emergency treatments available are only those which will provide no aerosol creation to minimise the likelihood of virus transmission.
  • Spreading out of appointments to minimise the number of people in the practice at any one time.
  • Movement of waiting room furniture to ensure social distancing can be maintained
  • Specially allocated period in our appointment books every day to treat the over 70’s and medically compromised (further details to follow)
  • Cancellation and rescheduling of any non urgent treatment (including filings, check ups and dental hygiene work

If you would like more information on these changes or have an appointment you want to rearrange you can contact us or call the practice, but we will be contacting all patients who need to have their appointments altered.

We understand that for some this will mean changing appoinements at the practice and are truly sorry for any inconvenience these alterations may cause, but the safety of our staff and patients have to be our number one priority.

As soon as these measures are lifted and we are able to return to normal life we shall be putting on extra clinical sessions with our dentists + hygienists to catch up with any potential backlog which may occur, but we look forward to getting back to normal and the brighter times that lie ahead once we are past this terrible period for everyone.

Stay healthy, follow the guidance and in the words of Tom Hanks, ‘This too shall pass’

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