The laws around data protection and how we contact you have changed. At Marple Dental Practice we have introduced new ways to contact our patients including text messages, email appointment reminders and the occasional special offer via email or text. We are also looking to introduce a newsletter with further information and special offers for our patients.  We are very careful with our patients data and only share this information with appropriate healthcare professionals (e.g when a referral is made) as we know how important your privacy is.

Because of these new laws introduced, we have to specifically ask if you would like us to continue contacting you by email and/or text message in relationship to your appointments, newsletters or any special offers. We would appreciate it if you could spend a few moments filling in the form below to allow us to continue contacting you via these methods.

Please note If you change your mind and would like to change how we communicate with you in the future it can easily be done by contacting the practice or filling this form in again.