So with impressions of my teeth taken 2 weeks previously, today was the day to get things started. First I had to have some small ‘attachments’ fitted to my teeth- these are small, clear, resin nodules which are glued to the front of certain teeth to allow a greater degree of movement- the aligner will be able to ‘grab’ these with more precision to allow the movements to progress.

Fitting these was a doddle. They were glued into place by our very own Dr Nerys Matthews within a matter minutes and was completely painless

The first set of aligners came in a box and contained my first 4 upper aligners and the first 2 lower aligners. The first set of aligners are not designed to do much movement of the teeth, but just to get the teeth prepared to move as we progress.

The first set of aligners were taken out of the box and fitted. They felt snug, and tight. Speech was a little ‘lispy’, but people didn’t seem to notice and we see people adapt to things like this very quickly on a regular basis in dentistry. They were not overly painful but in some way reassuringly tight- like something was happening already. I expected the sensation to be worse, but we will see over the next few days how we progress……

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