Having any dental treatment can make people nervous, but embarking on a treatment that can last for months and is quite expensive can be even more nerve wracking. For these reasons I have written this blog to help people relate to what the process is like.

My name is Grant Matthews and I am one of the principal dentists here at Marple dental practice. You might think “but if you’re a dentist you already know what it’s like and you won’t be nervous about treatment”, but the reality is that apart from brace work as child, I have only ever had 1 filling done and otherwise just had regular check ups/ dental hygiene visits, so having treatment done to myself is fairly unknown territory for me

When I was in my late teens I had brace work (orthodontics) to bring through a tooth which had never come through and instead had a baby tooth. It was a long process (about 6 years) and whist it gave me a great smile and a great result, I was glad when the treatment finished. So glad in fact that I was a bit slack in wearing my retainers that were given to me (the gum shields given to you at the end of the treatment to stop the teeth returning to their original positions). I just though “hey, the tooth that was pulled into position is there now”, but the rest never bothered me, also I was a grumpy teenager who never did as they were told.

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But slowly, without using the retainers as much as I should, the teeth became crowded again- mainly on the lower front areas. So have decided to now begin a course of aligner treatment to correct this crowding.

So hopefully I will be able to post regular updates which will either give people an idea of what to expect if thinking about having the treatment done yourself, or if you you are having it done when you read this should hopefully give you some reassurance or solidarity that your brace journey has the same ups and downs as everyone else’s

Watch this space for more updates 👍

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