Using modern technology, teeth can be straighted using a sequence of hard plastic clear gum shields (aligners).

They work by using an initial impression of your teeth as they are now, taken by your dentist. This is then put into a computer along with the desired result when treatment is complete. The computer software then 3d prints a sequence of models with the teeth in gradually different positions.

A hard plastic gumshield is then produced for each model produced. When these gum shields are worn, they gradually move the teeth into the desired positions.

The benefits of aligner treatments are:

  • Practically invisible
  • Predictable outcome

The disadvantages of aligner straightening over regular brace work are:

  • More limited movements (so not appropriate for all cases)
  • Slower than regular brace work (especially short term orthodontics like the regular quick straight teeth system we offer
  • While the aligner is removable, it could be lost or just not worn
  • They are usually more expensive as the 3d printing process is a new technology.

In choosing a style of brace for your teeth, you need to consider your preferences in terms of what you want- all brace work carries with it a degree of inconvenience – after all no pain no gain right, but an interesting analogy would be to compare it with differing cars for a road trip, the destination will be the same, it’s just how you get there that differs.

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