What would you like to change?

Did you know that 52% of people are unhappy with their smile?

Most people would like to change something about their smile. At Marple Dental Practice we can make this happen.

Cosmetic dental work can range from very simple, quick and inexpensive procedures, to more extensive treatment requiring more time and planning.

Examples of some of the most common treatments we provide are:

  • Using white composite resin to change the shape of teeth or fill small gaps between teeth
  • Changing old silver ‘amalgam’ fillings to more aesthetic white ‘composite’ ones
  • Fitting of white crowns on back teeth to improve their appearance
  • Use of crowns and veneers to change someones smile to a look they are happy with
  • Use of bridges to fill in gaps where teeth are missing more permanently than dentures

At Marple Dental Practice, we make sure that all cosmetic treatment is tailored around you and how you want your teeth to look. We will ensure that we know exactly what you want and can then advise you on the most appropriate treatment to obtain the smile you desire.

If you are interested in cosmetic treatment, why not contact us to find out how easy it could be to find your ideal smile?

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