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Toothache is not nice.

Because of the very high concentration of nerves within the teeth and the mouth, toothache is incredibly severe and is horrible to experience. It can disturb your sleep, stop you being able to concentrate and generally disrupt your life.

We understand how awful toothache and dental emergencies can be which is why Marple Dental Practice offers emergency appointments for both new and existing patients.

If you are suffering from toothache please call the practice and we will provide you with an appointment as soon as possible (this is usually on the same day).

If you are having toothache and the surgery is closed for the weekend or bank holiday, please call the emergency dental service on 111 or 0333 332 3800, alternatively please call the practice on 0161 4271366 and there are instructions on our answer phone with details on how to contact a member of Marple Dental Practice.

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