Are you a nervous patient? Do you avoid the dentist even though you know you should go? At Marple Dental Practice we can help.

Dental Anxiety is a very common problem for many patients. At Marple Dental Practice we take great pride in our abilities to help nervous individuals become confident and relaxed patients. If you feel nervous about the thought of dental treatment, we are able to offer many techniques to help put you at ease. These include:

  • Initial practice visit to meet the staff and see the practice without any treatments or examinations.
  • We have taken great care to make the environment of Marple Dental Practice as non-clinical and relaxing as possible to help you feel calm and relaxed
  • Detailed private and confidential discussions with you about all your concerns about treatment.
  • A comprehensive explanation of all findings during all examinations, explaining all available options for possible treatments- if minimal treatment is an option we will always advise you of this, and discuss the pros and cons of each available option
  • An individually tailored plan to help you cope with any treatment required
  • The use of the latest techniques to ensure that all treatment is totally comfortable, allowing you to relax during your visit

Along with these, we also make 2 promises to each and every patient:

  • If you don’t want something doing, we wont do it.
  • If it hurts you, we wont do it.

We take great pride in helping many nervous patients overcome their anxiety. If you feel you are a nervous patient and would like to benefit from our expertise, please mention it when you contact us, and our friendly staff will be able to advise you of the most appropriate way to progress with any treatments.

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