Here are some answers to commonly asked questions. If you have any further question please feel free to contact us.

Q. Does Marple Dental Practice provide NHS Treatment?
A. Marple Dental Practice is a private practice and does not offer any NHS treatments.

Q. My employers provide a dental insurance plan. Will I be able to use this at Marple Dental Practice?
A. Yes. If you advise our reception team at Marple Dental Practice when making your appointment, they will be able to advise you the most appropriate way to utilise any dental insurance plans or schemes.

Q. I do not live in Marple, can I still come to Marple Dental Practice?
A. We are more than happy to welcome patients from all over the North West. We have many patients from Stockport, Manchester and Cheshire including Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Hale and Bramhall. We even have patients who fly from abroad to attend their dental appointments every 6 months.

Q. My Gums are bleeding, I’m worried that I have gum disease. Can Marple Dental Practice help me?
A. It is estimated that over half of all adults over 35 have some degree of gum disease. The chances of having gum disease are increased if you smoke or have certain medical conditions. Gum disease can range from an early stage (Gingivitis) where the gums are irritated and bleed, to a more advanced stage (Periodontitis) where the gum and bone holding the teeth shrinks. If allowed to progress the teeth begin to loosen and in some cases can fall out. If you are worried about having gum disease, it is important to have it assessed and begin treatment as soon as possible. At Marple Dental Practice we assess all our patients routinely for gum disease and can provide advice and active treatment tailored to your gums health.

Q. I’ve noticed a lump in my mouth and I am worried that it might be cancer. Can Marple Dental Practice help me?
A. It is very unlikely that any lumps or bumps you have noticed are anything to worry about. However it is wise to have them checked by a dental professional. At Marple Dental Practice we routinely check all of our patients for oral cancer at every check up. If we notice anything of concern we have access to a fast track referral system to ensure a rapid diagnosis and treatment can be achieved.

Q. I am interested in a ‘Smile Makeover’. Is this something Marple Dental Practice can provide?
A. At Marple Dental Practice, our dentists have taken extensive training to provide our patients with fantastic smiles. We are more than happy to provide ‘Smile Makeovers’ however before we undertake a major transformation, we will always discuss possible alternative treatments, which can then be compared to ensure you are having the correct treatment for you.

Q. I have a question about my treatment at Marple Dental Practice. What shall I do?
A. The first thing to do would be to contact Marple Dental Practice. Most questions can be answered by our reception team, but if they are unable to help you they may pass your question onto our practice manager. If the question is of a more technical nature they may consult with the dentist to assist you. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the answers and solutions provided. Our practice has procedures in place should you wish to make a compliment or a complaint to us directly. You can do this by first reading our Complaints Policy or by contacting the Practice Manager on 0161 427 1366 or via email

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