Have you ever wanted straighter teeth? Is your smile affecting your confidence? Using some of the latest advances in orthodontic treatments, Marple Dental Practice can help improve your smile in double quick time

New Generation OrthodonticsCosmetic Orthodontics have exploded in popularity in the last few years. The reason for this is that using the latest systems we can straighten teeth very quickly and keep them there. These systems do no damage to your own teeth (which is drawback of more traditional veneer and crown treatments), and your natural teeth will require minimal treatment in future to maintain your fabulous new smile (Crowns and veneers on average need replacing every 10 years). Combine this with the latest styles of ‘barely visible’ braces, and its easy to understand this increase in popularity.

What was once a slow laborious process that took years of metal braces is now possible in a matter of months. At Marple Dental Practice, we have teamed up with Quick Straight Teeth, A UK based Orthodontic Lab, to provide the latest advances in tooth movement technology. Using a computer based digital analysis of your teeth we are able to move your teeth into new positions to make your smile one to be proud of.

As an added bonus, we also provide a free course of tooth whitening (RRP £360) for you at the end of the treatment, to make your brand new smile extra special.

We have access to several systems to do the for you, but the most commonly used systems are:

Clear Aligners

Clean AlignersThese are clear, thin gum shields. which are changed about every 2 weeks. They gradually move the teeth into their new positions. They provide a fantastic alternative to traditional braces as they are almost completely invisible.

Clear Short Term Braces

clear bracketsThese are the latest materials and equipment available for regular style braces. This means the brackets attached to the teeth are clear, and the wires attached to these are white. This means they are almost invisible. Using these style braces have less limitations in the degree of tooth movement and are FAST. Most treatments are completed in about 6 months- much quicker than the older traditional systems.

 All the systems we are able to offer do have limitations, and if your tooth movements are beyond their limits, we will advise you of this upon consultation and can provide a referral to an orthodontic specialist of your choice.

For more information, feel free to visit the Quick Straight Teeth website here

So I suppose this is going to cost a fortune for my new smile then……well actually, you might be surprised.

This new style of orthodontics is a radical change in treatment we are able to offer to patients. By concentrating on aligning the front teeth to look straight (instead of moving the back teeth which more traditional orthodontics have previously done), and by the use of the latest digital technology we are able to offer these treatments   at fantastic prices. Most cases that require just a standard level of treatment are just £1249 per arch (and patients on our dental plan receive a 20% discount too)
For more information on this great new service please contact us to book in for a consultation

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Marple Dental Practice Cosmetic Orthodontics
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