All the dentists and staff at Marple Dental Practice wish everyone a great Christmas and a joyous new year (hopefully Father Christmas is kind to you).

Please see below for our opening times over the 2018/2019 festive period

  • Thur 20th Dec     8am-5pm
  • Fri 21st Dec       9am-1pm
  • Sat 22nd Dec       Closed
  • Sun 23rd Dec      Closed
  • Mon 24th Dec      9am-1pm
  • Tues 25th Dec      Closed
  • Weds 26th Dec     Closed
  • Thurs 27th Dec    10am-12pm (Emergency Clinic)
  • Fri 28th Dec         10am-12pm (Emergency Clinic)
  • Sat 29th Dec         Closed
  • Sun 30th Dec        Closed
  • Mon 31st Jan        10am-12pm (Emergency Clinic)
  • Tue 1st Jan            Closed
  • Wed 2nd Jan         Normal Opening Hours (9am-6pm)

Dental Emergencies during Christmas + New Year

The Christmas holidays are one of the few occasions we close the practice. Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer a dental emergency during the holidays we are open for emergencies on the dates shown (see above) please call us on the day (10am-12pm), or alternatively you can leave a message on our answerphone (0161 4271366) or email us at and our reception team will  organise an appointment as quick as possible. If your emergency is too severe and you are unable to wait for these emergency clinics, please call 111 and they will be able to provide emergency advice and, if required an appointment at an out of hours clinic.

If you are a member of one of our practice’s dental plans, you will be covered for the cost of any emergency appointments on the days we are closed by the plan’s insurance (£25 excess will apply to any claims). Please keep any receipts for costs incurred and if you bring them into the practice in the new year we will be able to assist you in making a claim